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Shattering market barriers in quality and value

In-House Product Testing:

Rigorous tolerance testing and analysis allows us to select the highest quality materials, design, and processes inherent in a “Top Quality” product. Systems are pneumatically tested before leaving the factory.

Custom System Design...

Years of experience engineering and outfitting agricultural water filtration and nutrient delivery systems. Nobody does it better. Consult with us first and we’ll study your garden through the blueprint process, deciding on what’s right for your business.

All Products Are modular...

Start small and grow into something big with GrowoniX modular designs. Turn a basic water filter into a mini water treatment plant when the time is right for you.

Introducing The EX4000-HFT Deluxe

Tuned For Extreme Growing

Designed to flow 4000 gallons per day (167 gallons per hour) of pure RO water with an astounding 1:1 ratio or better. Massive water production with a mere 110V booster pump! The EX4000- HFT, utilizing a pair of GXM-1000-HF membranes, is an absolute breakthough in efficiency.

The Deluxe Series

No additional pre-filters needed

The idea behind the Deluxe Series is simple? All the bells and whistles of a turnkey mini water treatment plant in a compact, affordable, and dependable package. Utilizing the finest components in the water treatment industry. GrowoniX Deluxe Series is a breakthrough in water treatment gear with it?s componential design, mobility, and unmatchable efficiency.