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  • Nutrient Delivery Systems
    from 50-2500 gallons per minute.
  • Every plant site receives
    exactly the same flow rates.
  • Adjustable flow rates
    -slow feed-fast flush.
  • Drain to Waste & Recycling
    —and hybrid (both).


  • Automated feed pumps
    and ball valves.
  • Automated return pumps
    with water-sensing relays.
  • Programmable pump delay times.
  • Fully integratable with all
    commercial garden controllers.
  • Run a water schedule from your phone wile sitting on the beach.


  • Fully automated commercial
    tank systems with pH dosing.
  • Automated valving integrated into all commercial greenhouse controllers.
  • Complete control over water delivery.
  • Ultra fast nutrient mix changes.

Introducing the GrowoniX Feed Halo.

 Can you say, “Quick Connect?” That’s right, GrowoniX quick connect Feed Halos embrace your plants in a watery ring of nutrient solution. Feed Halos are made right here in the USA by us, and are customizable to fit your garden and our circuit design. connect them around your plants in the vegetative room, and leave them on till harvest. Moving plants from room to room, from system to system, from vegetative to flowering has never been easier. 

All GrowoniX Feed Halos are flow-tuned, ensuring equal flow rates from Halo to Halo.

 Custom manufacturing includes appropriate diamter, proper hole spacing, and desired tunable flow rate. Quick Connect fittings allow for easy transplant between rooms. Made from ultra-durable NSF approved food grade tubing, your Halos will last for years to come.

• No more multi-line drippers for each plant site.

• No more clogged 1/8” feed lines.

• No more 1/2” lines that flow way too much water.

• No more comlplicated valving and circuit design.

The heart of any NDS, the place where the “Master Brewer” spends most of his time—the tank. With the press of a button, or command from a mobile phone, any number of plants can be watered automatically. Important feedback like runoff PPM and pH can be monitored as it flows back from the tables at 180GPM, allowing gardeners to assess accurate levels of nutrient uptake. With the twist of a valve, water from the nutrient tank or tables can be sent to the drain, stabilizing the nutrient solution or preparing the tank for a new mix of nutrient.

Feed and drain lines are automatically purged after every feeding, ensuring a purity of feed line environments.

• Custom gutters hand welded by us to ensure the proper fitment into any garden.

• Allows for a vast array of table configurations.

• Food grade materials.

• Commercial duty and guaranteed to last for years to come.

The GrowoniX NDS design is unique.

• All Feed Halos can be flow-tuned to ensure absolutely equal watering from the first Halo to

   the last — even at 60 feet and 300 Halos down the table.

• Speed adjustable nutrient delivery pumps allow for slow gentle feeding to full-blast flushing.

• Auto-sensing return pumps kick on when water appears in the drain line, and send all of the

   nutrient solution back to the tank (or to drain) just as fast as it was delivered to the table.

• Post crop cleaning takes less than an hour with our food-grade cleaning solution—

   returning all plumbing lines to brand new status.

Tables design is either based on GrowoniX’ standard or any other custom layout that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the garden. Table height, width, length, and flow rate, amongst other factors, are carefully planned out by us—removing all the mystery and subjectivity from a proper commercial agricultural installation.

Why not ask for more?

• More control over the feeding dynamics

• More attention to the nutrient solution

• More attention to the plants

• More attention to pruning and yo-yo’ing

• More attention to business dyanimcs as a whole

• More time with your family !

• Less water use

• Less nutrient costs

• Less labor

• Less labor mangement

• Less accidents

• Less failures

Recycling , passing gallons of

nutrient solution over the medium,

always results in huge yields.

All Savings Below are Based On:

• 100 Day Grow Cycle
(transplant to Harvest)

• Hand Watering to Waste (DTW)

• $2.50/gal Nutrient Costs

• $15/Hour Labor Rate

• 33% Production Increase